Prophetic word on the year of 2019, "The year of something greater"

[Prophetic word on the year of 2019 given through Tatiana Bordiug on December 23, 2018]

It will be a special year. I will give you possession of ALL the Land. Do not set any limitations for Me. Don't settle for less, because I want to give you more. I am pouring out My blessing -- be ready to contain it. Because this is all you need - to contain what I am pouring out. How effective and successful this new coming year will be for everyone depends on the ability to receive. But I have great plans for everyone. Be with Me in one stream. Be in agreement with Me. And I will lead you to the point that you have never experienced -- to that which has not been seen and heard before.

And do not look at others. Do not look around. Do not let this distract you from your goal. The deeds of others are their deeds. The life of others is their life. Look at what I am doing for you and through you. Rejoice with others. Edify others, but do not compare yourself with them [do not try to be as they are], because I have something special for everyone.

And do not look at any worldly predictions and do not follow them. Your expectations regarding what is happening in your life should come from My Word. And it says you have the authority. I have given it to you so that you use it. What you allow on Earth, that I will allow. Therefore, do not agree with the imposed negative news or predictions -- they do not happen until you allow it. They will not come true until you agree [with them]. And nothing will happen until you give the go-ahead to it.

As you can see, you are higher. You are above the curse, so stay above it. DON'T get down to a low level of disbelief and fear. You are greater. Because I am in you, and I am greater. Therefore, look at Me and resort to Me -- this is how we will manifest greater [things, works] to this world. And I want to manifest and to do that, what is greater, through you. Therefore, open up for it.

This is the year of something greater [bigger]. Greater than what has been seen. Greater of what has already been gained. This is a time for greater blessing, for My greater outpouring. Expect it, for I will come with [something] greater...

Think big! Dream big! And I will do more anyway.

Therefore, let your expectations of this year be not natural, but supernatural. I will give My answer to all that you had to endure. I will bring compensation, and you will forget about the pain. I will restore the years that the locusts ate. And that will not happen again.

You are at a new level. Therefore, expect My new action -- the action of My power in a new way. And it will surpass all your expectations. And do not hold on to the previous concepts [notions, ideas], because they do not correspond to My new movement. Allow the Holy Spirit to work with you to put in you a new vision, knowledge, understanding, concept. And He will teach you. He will guide you into all truth. And you will be instructed. And we will do everything that I want to manifest... to manifest for you, for My children and chosen saints, and through you. Therefore, open up yourself to [something] greater and be ready for it, because this is exactly what is coming: a greater outpouring of power, a greater manifestation of glory, a greater, stronger and a larger action [performance] of blessing. And the Word will accomplish what it was sent for.

And do not align yourself with worldly concepts about the coming year, because they [the worldly concept] have nothing to do with My will and My plans. And they are big. And I proceed to their implementation. And My thoughts [intentions] will be fulfilled. You know that My Word does not remain in vain. So let it [the Word] be for you the most important and priority over any other word.

And everything that speaks against My word will be ashamed as never before. Shame will be as great as never before. And it will start to happen faster than you can imagine.

Remember: greater, better, not to settle for less -- and I will bring you into your promised land... into a GREAT promised land. The land of giants – this is the land of what is greater [bigger] than you. And this land is not at the level of your opportunities, but [at the level of] Mine [opportunities] -- that is why I am talking about greater. I warn you, so that you could be ready, willing to receive and with the right expectations.

And do not give up on your trust; do not give up your faith, because at this time it [your faith] will receive a great reward. The reward of faith will now be seen more than ever: it [the reward] will be fast, swift [impetuous, sweeping], bright and widescale. Faith will lead to outstanding results of all who will follow it [faith]... follow the voice of My leading... follow the Holy Spirit ... to [something] greater.

And I will do all that I have said – saith the Lord.


[This time (year) is not of natural results, but of supernatural]

[After this, the questions have risen in me, “How to plan? How to act in accordance with this prophetic word?” And then the answer came up: "Meditate on this word, and you will see, you will know how." Although the Lord said that He would still make something greater than our plans ;) ]